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What a wild couple of weekends! First stop was our second home of Denmark, more specifically Skarø Island, for Lovein Festival where we spent the majority of our downtime either in boats or in the sea...which was glorious! Friday night saw us celebrate our Kaz's birthday and Saturday was brought to you by a healthy amount of beer and tequila. Unfortunately the good times were marred by a cancelled flight and a long drive to Berlin, resulting in another delayed flight but we got back home in the end (36 hours later)

Boat life!


We have an interesting repertoire of games to break up long journeys......

The following weekend we hopped, skipped and jumped all the way over to Limavady in Northern Ireland for Stendhal Festival. It was our first time there and we sincerely hope it won't be our last. We stayed with Joni's parents who live in the town and made us feel so welcome...although they probably breathed a huge sigh of relief when we left again. (lets face it, there are a LOT of us to contend with). Big kudos to Jon Gaglione of Neon Animals who stepped in on bass to cover Ivo who was unable to make it and also massive thanks to everyone who lent us instruments and showed us so much hospitality while we were there.

Photo by Mark Deehan

Photo by Mark Deehan

Photo by Mark Deehan

Photo by Mark Deehan

Hanging out with the famalam

Until next time folks!

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