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“Rambunctious and right on the edge of control... one of the freshest sounds I’ve picked up this year” -


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is The Great Malarkey.


Releasing their second album in early 2017 on Batov Records, ‘Doghouse’ delivers not only the continued raucous energy of their live shows, as showcased in their first album ‘Badly Stuffed Animals’, but the eventual bruising, vulnerability of the morning after the night before.


Influenced by the likes of Tom Waits, The Pixies, The Pogues, Beirut, Nick Cave, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Manu Chao, The Dead Brothers and Toots and the Maytals (the latter of whom they supported with only their third gig), The Great Malarkey are riotous mix of musical styles and genres delivered in a “multicultural train of fast beats and trembling slams of punk-folk spirit”. (


Drawing on their experience of over six years of extensive touring, with shows at Bestival (UK), the London Olympics, Boomtown (UK), Colours of Ostrava (CZ), Tønder Festival (DK), to name but a few, and mainstream airplay in both the UK and Denmark, The Great Malarkey continue to delight audiences across the UK and Europe with their explosive, “balls to the wall”, high energy live shows. In February 2019, "Gimme Sugar" from "Doghouse" was chosen by Tom Robinson as BBC 6 Music recommends track of the week, getting played by day time DJs Lauren Laverne, Steve Lamaq and Mary-Anne Hobbs.


The Great Malarkey do not disappoint. They bring their whole heart (all eight of them!) to every song, every show, every album and anyone who wants to listen. No need to just take their word for it though, here’s what some other people think:

“‘Duck n Dive’ may be one of the most surprisingly brilliant songs to come across my desk in months.” A&R FACTORY (Single Review)

"A must-see live experience" - TOM ROBINSON, BBC 6 Music

"Ten romantic refusals to stop enjoying life” - LOUDER THAN WAR (‘Badly Stuffed Animals review)

“I challenge you to keep still” - PURE RAWK (Live Review)

“Like drinking some kind of potent cocktail or punch, this is music that packs a similar kick” - TASTY FANZINE (Live Review)

“Rarely have I experienced such an intense concert” – GAFFA DK (Live Review)


“This album bears listening to time and again” – MUSIC NEWS (Doghouse Review)

"A wild, multi-gendered gang of rebels brimming with deviant energy and fun" - TOM ROBINSON, BBC 6 Music

"They do sound like they'd be very good live, (like) they'd brew up something of a storm live" - STEVE LAMAQ, BBC 6 MUSIC


Alex Gillings: Vocals and guitar

Joni Belaruski: Drums, Perc and BVs

Ivo Ramalho: Bass

Karoline East: Fiddle and Trombone and BVs

Hugh Jones: Guitar, Resonator and BVs

Ollie Watson: Trumpet

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